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GameHouse develops games that center around storytelling. We provide experiences for our players. Every single day, we go further to provide our players with the most creative, most immersive and most inspiring games! We love what we do, and incorporate this level of enthusiasm in the stories we tell.

We create story-driven free-2-play mobile games for iOS and Android. But perhaps you know us better from Emily’s adventures in Delicious World or Delicious Bed & Breakfast? But there’s also new stories brewing in the kitchen….Come join us: the story is yours, come play it!

Storytelling is the most important aspect of our job. We could not do without it. But also in our lives, it’s vital. Stories lie at the base of each and every experience. How much we enjoy something, how we experience a certain situation. It touches us. Storytelling makes us bigger, grow larger and go further in life.

Your portfolio should show us a variety of examples and game assets: your personal work and own concepts, characters, locations, icons, UI, items. We would love to see different styles from you and especially something that is close to the art of our games. We appreciate final assets, but are even more interested in sketches, work in progress and work that shows your process. 

Yes! Some jobs are remote friendly. Which means there is no need for you to relocate. But we highly encourage our talent to visit their colleagues once in a while! 😉 Some jobs require you to physically join the team in the office they’re based in. If you get hired and want to join GameHouse, we will help relocate you and your loved ones! 

Unfortunately we do not provide internships at GameHouse. Due to the current situation, most of us work from home and we believe an internship done right requires us to be together for proper mentoring. This might change in the future. 

That’s easy! We’ve explained how we treat your application here.

Check our available job positions here, see whether this role makes you all excited and whether you meet most of the requirements. No need to meet all, room to grow is important! Can’t wait? Send us your details via the application form.

Amazing! No joke: we try to make working at GameHouse a great experience for all of us. We promise adventure, ambition and great colleagues. Want to know more? Check out our life at GameHouse page.

Curious? We like that! If you still have some lingering questions about working at GameHouse, don’t be afraid to ask. You can contact us directly on this page.

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