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We know that talented storytellers come in all shapes and sizes – so for each of you we want to maintain an environment full of creativity, talent and room for growth. We can help you thrive and become the best version of yourself!

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Freelance Character Animator

To work with our User Acquisition team at GameHouse we’re looking for freelance Character Animator to support the team.



2D Artist – Delicious World

As a 2D Artist in Barcelona you will be working on our live game: Delicious World in close collaboration with our passionate team to build Artwork that be delightful for our players



3+ years of experience

Senior Concept Artist – Unannounced Project

A new F2P story-driven RPG game is brewing in the newly formed team based in the Barcelona studio of GameHouse! As their successful Art Director you will be responsible for creating and maintaining an inspiring visual style and art vision for the game.



3+ years of experience

Lead QA – Delicious World

As a Lead QA in Barcelona you will be responsible for ensuring the high quality standard our players expect for our Delicious World game and work in close collaboration with our passionate team!



4+ years of experience

Senior Game Designer – Bed and Breakfast

For our Delicious – Bed and Breakfast game, we are looking for a Senior Game Designer to be part of a self driven and passionate team working on a live game that our players love. From Eindhoven or full remote, you will have a direct impact on the growth and the fun of the game.



4+ years of experience

A story perfect for you

Couldn’t find what you were looking for? Don’t worry! We’ve got plenty of stories searching for their respective protagonist. View all jobs or create your own story by sending an open application.

This is how we do it

This is
how we do it

Want to join us? Don’t hesitate to apply! Each application is looked at with care, we promise you that. Be sure you know what happens once you apply, and become one of our next talents.

Stories are
never just stories

We aim to create heartfelt experiences through our games. This means we embrace different stories, encourage curiosity and open-mindedness. Working at GameHouse means inspiring colleagues in an environment that is not only fun, but also determined to create the best story-driven games there are.

never just stories
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Engaging games

Our games provide the best stories and most user-friendly gaming experience.

Compelling stories

Backed up by data, we provide stories that move, touch and inspire our players.

Skilled team

Working with all (big!) talents, ensuring we get the best of our awesome storytellers. 

Big history, bright futures

There’s no stopping us – not then, not now! We will keep on telling our story, making it better along the way. 

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