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The hiring process

Step 1
You apply

Found a job you’re excited about? Apply! Send us your resume with all the relevant experience and let us know what makes you thrilled about the job. Depending on the job, we might ask for your portfolio or ask you to do an assignment. We assure your application is looked at with care.

The hiring process step 1
Step 1 you apply

Step 2
Is it a match?

First and foremost: we’ll always follow-up on your application, regardless of the next steps. If we think you could be a great fit, we will invite you for a chat (approx. 45 minutes) to go over your background, why you decided to apply, GameHouse in general, and to answer all the questions you would have for us. Not to worry – we’ll keep it light!

Step 1 you apply

Step 3

Is it a match? Both on a cultural level as well as on craft and experience? Can we help you grow as well? That’s what we’ll try to find out! In this stage you will speak with your potential future manager and team members. 

Step 3 text
Step 1 you apply

Step 4
Online assessment

Step 1: An online assessment 😱?! We believe in our people and want to fully understand what drives you, where your strengths lie and how we can support you in your growth. A job should be fun, engaging, and bring energy. That’s why we use an online personality and cognitive test. You will (obviously) receive all results. 

Step 2: Max. 3 interviews You will meet Auke & Iris (our culture team), potential team mates and stakeholders.

Talent GameHouse step 4
Step 1 you apply

Step 5

If we both feel like we connect on the right levels, we make you an offer you can’t refuse. We discuss what you want to learn, and figure out how we can help you grow towards your goals. This way, we make sure you can be at your most awesome, and help us become better! 

Step 5 text
Step 1 you apply
Paige Any questions

Any questions?

Maybe the information you’re looking for is already there! We’ve gathered the most commonly asked questions, and answered them for you.

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Up for the job?

Come tell your story at GameHouse. We can’t wait to hear it!