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Life at gamehouse

Life at GameHouse

At GameHouse we promise great adventures. Whether you’re a creative, a developer or product manager: we’ll make sure you will feel at home. But don’t get too comfy too soon! We challenge you to keep developing yourself to grow.

culture and values

We aim to create heartfelt experiences through our games. This means we embrace different stories, encourage curiosity and open-mindedness. Working at GameHouse means inspiring colleagues in an environment that is not only fun, but also determined to create the best story-driven games there are.

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GameHouse Culture and values
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Put our heart into it

There’s purpose in everything we do

Level up!

We want to become the best

Take control

Empowered by freedom

Better together

Never solo: everything is a collective effort

keep growing

Growth at GameHouse is a two-way street. It’s where your aspirations and the company’s ambitions meet. You joined GameHouse to play a role in bringing us closer to our dreams. Likewise, your time at GameHouse should give you something in return. It should bring you fulfilment in getting closer to your dreams. This is a give-and-take partnership that ideally becomes a win-win scenario where both you and the company fulfil these ambitions.

What our
talents say

“I love working at GameHouse because even though the team is already incredibly smart and capable, they constantly strive to improve. Additionally, the company seems to genuinely care about the development and well-being of its employees, and as an American who’s worked in tech for over 12 years, this is mind-blowing.”

“At Gamehouse everything starts with story, which is unique in the mobile industry. Seeing all these stories spark, come to life and connect with players is a very special kind of magic.”

“Creating everlasting successful F2P games for diverse audience is my job but also my passion. I prefer working in teams that live by these values and that’s what I found at GameHouse.”

Austin Yuen

Chief Product Officer

Art Director Daniel

Art Director

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